Several major reports have come out on the status of the worldwide reinsurance market headed into the final quarter of 2008. They are important background on the Florida hurricane insurance system because it relies heavily on private reinsurance as well as the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund.

World Catastrophe Reinsurance Market 2008 is produced by Guy Carpenter, a reinsurance broker. Notes Brad Kating, president of the Association of Bermuda Insurers and Reinsurers, "this Guy Carpenter report contains tables that show two successive years of reinsurance price declines and
also has a table on reinsurer profitability." The reports demonstrate that "reinsurers are not
price gouging and that reinsurance prices do not increase by 300%."

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Guy Carpenter: Worldwide Insurance, Late 2008

 Reinsurance Market Update, September, 2008, is produced by another reinsurance broker, AON Re Global It shows that "reinsurers remain strong admid the national credit crisis."

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AON Re: Reinsurance Market Update, September, 2008,