Insurance companies  and HMOs writing individual or group coverage will be required to issue identification cards  under a bill that was passed by the Legislature on Thursday.

The bill, CS/HB 535, requires the cards to list the following information:
•    The name of the organization issuing or administering the policy/contract;
•    The name of the contract holder/certificate holder/subscriber;
•    The member identification number, contract number, and policy or group number, if applicable;
•    A contact phone number or electronic address for authorizations and admission certifications;
•    A phone number or electronic address whereby the covered person or hospital, physician, or other person rendering services covered by the policy may obtain benefits verification and information in order to estimate patient financial responsibility, in compliance with privacy rules under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; and
•    The national plan identifier, in accordance with the compliance date set forth by the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

Additionally, the card must  include the type of plan and whether it’s self funded or the name of the network. An HMO card must note that the health plan is a licensed HMO.

The bill also makes changes to bone marrow transplant coverages to reflect the current medical practice and advancements in the area of bone marrow transplants. Specifically the bill revises the definition of bone marrow transplant to include insurance coverage for nonablative therapy, which prepares a patient for bone marrow transplant without destroying all of the bone marrow.