The Florida House Policy & Budget Council prepared an excellent overview of health insurance and the uninsured problem in Florida as part of an analysis of HB 7081, the big House bill during the 2008 regular session on expansion of health insurance and health care.

The overview, "Current Situation," begins on page 2 of the bill staff analysis and is available from the link below.

Sections of the overview include:

Financial Basis of Health Care

  • Access to Health Care
  • Accident & Health Report: Summary by Major Medical Lines of Business
  • Cost of Insurance
  • Quality
  • Health Flex Plans
  • Retiree Health Insurance Subsidiary
  • Florida Kidcare Program
  • Nonprofit Religious Cost Sharing  Organizations
  • Employee Election of Health Coverage
  • Dependent Coverage
  • Limited Benefit Plans

Florida Health Insurance Overview - April 9, 2008