Health Insurance


Final "lay of the land" report of the Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board, entitled the 2007 Florida Health Insurance Market Report.

This includes:

Statistics on Florida's Commercial Health Insurance Market;

Florida Business by Number of Employees; and

Rates of Insurance Coverage in Florida.

Florida Health Insurance Overview - Oct. 31, 2007

Report to Agency for Health Care Administration Uninsured Work Group, September 24, 2007.

The Health Flex Plan Program was established in 2002 by the Florida Legislature. Its goal was to unite a variety of entities, including HMOs, governmental programs, health are providers, nonprofit organizations and other community resources in order to rovide primary and preventative health care coverage to low-income, uninsured workers.

Currently, there are five state-approved plans in operation. American Care, Inc., a private physician group, and Preferred Medical Plan, Inc., a licensed HMO, operate privately in Miami-Dade County and provide limited benefits. Vita Health Plan is operated by Healthy Palm Beach, Inc., a licensed HMO, and its premiums are partially subsidized by the Health Care District of Palm Beach County. JMH Health Plan is operated by the Public Health Trust of Miami-Dade County. JaxCare, which operates in Duval County, is financed through a partnership between the City of Jacksonville, area hospitals, private and corporate donations, and premiums paid by enrollees and their employers.

Uninsured: Health Flex Plan Program Update

Gross Annual Premium and Enrollment, CY 2006, Accident and Health Markets

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, Market Research Unit, July 2007

This excellent document has summary reports on gross annual premium and enrollment by major medical lines of business and by accident and other health lines of business, and insurer specific reports of gross annual premium and enrollment. A 172-page report and may be long download,  but very valuable:

Uninsured: Counties With Low or High Uninsured Rates

Selected counties with very high or very low rates of residents without health insurance. Prepared for the Agency for Health Care Administration's Uninsured Work Group.

Uninsured: Counties With Low or High Uninsured Rates

Uninsured: Florida's Uninsured Population, Summer, 2007 

A report on the demographics of Florida's Uninsured population prepared for the Agency for Health Care Administration's Uninsured Work Group. Excellent information.

Uninsured: Florida's Uninsured Population, Summer, 2007

Managing Mandated Health Benefits: Policy Options for Consideration

Prepared by the Staff of the House of Representatives Committee on Insurance, Rep. Bainter, chair, January 28, 2000

From the Office of Insurance Regulation

●Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Florida, $4.95 billion in premium and 22.5 percent market share
●Humana Medical Plan, $3.3 billion in premium and 15.3 percent market share
●Aetna Health Inc of Florida,  $2 billion and  9.24 % market share
●United Health Care of Florida, $1.7 billion and 7.96 % market share
●Health Options, $1.2 billion and 5.6 % market share
●Wellcare of Florida, $1.03 billion and 4.7 % market share
●AvMed, $884 million and 4.0 % market share
●Vista Health Plan, $674 million and 3.08 % market share
●CarePlus Health Plan, $641 million and 2.93 % market share
●Humana Health Insurance, $514 million and 2.35% market share